Beginner-Help with cleaning new AR-15
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Thread: Beginner-Help with cleaning new AR-15

  1. Beginner-Help with cleaning new AR-15

    Hey gang,

    Was wondering if anyone could recommend some great (and easy to follow) instructs on cleaning an AR-15? I recently acquired a Bushmaster A3 Patrolman AR-15. I've gotten pretty good over the years disassembling and thoroughly being able to clean and maintain my 2 Glocks, my Mossberg 535 Shotgun, but this is the first encounter I will have ever had with a long gun. Any advice or recommendations would be most welcome? What are some things you have learned over the years, things to avoid, sources to look for and rely upon/or totally dismiss as garbage, etc.

    Thanks way in advance for your helping a rookie with his new weapon!


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    Bushmaster has a pretty good video on taking apart, cleaning, and reassembling their AR.

    Good luck with your new firearm.
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    Get the bore snake for the ar. Other than that it is pretty easy to take apart and put back together. Don't skip any steps and don't loose the springs if you really strip it down.

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