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    I am new to the forum… I want to start with the question because I need more thoughts  So, what are good variants for powering the lathe? I had typical 1ph motor, but the guys say that when you power the machine with 3ph motor it becomes more convenient to control the rpm. Surely, if to use the VFD. I will purchase a motor soon, therefore I consider the 3ph tool. Can you provide me with any recommendations?

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    I would go with a single phase 230VAC 3hp motor using an VFD. The ABB ACS150 is a good choice. We use the 3-phase models on our equipment. The VFD is very flexible and programmable. There is always the DC route as well. I think max RPM on the 3 HP is 1750.
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  4. Thanks BigSlick,
    I reviewed a lot of descriptions of the modern motors. I suppose that baldor motors are really made in USA. I would like to spend my money on a quality not Chinese manufactured thing. I liked specs on this motor though the process of connection to VFD is not easy I think. It is my personal opinion. It is important not to make mistakes and not to burn it.

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