My new AK project!
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Thread: My new AK project!

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    My new AK project!

    Well, I was out running around with my dad, KimberRB, yesterday and at one of the gun shops they had some stamped flats for an AK 47 for $15. So I bought one. My AR 15 turned out really nice so I figured I'd try my hand at an AK 47. I'll post some pics of the receiver when I get off work.

    Have any of you guys built an AK before? Or know were I can get part kits at a decent price?
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  3. what is the end goal for the AK? $15 starting price sounds great.

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    I use - User-Submitted Gun & Ammunition Deals to search for deals. All sorts of people who find deals updated the website. Brad, [email protected], runs the website and he also has a vendors tab that shows all the dealers who had users post specials. Go under firearms/kits and choose AK.

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