Show Your High Point Carbine Mods!!
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Thread: Show Your High Point Carbine Mods!!

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    Show Your High Point Carbine Mods!!

    I replaced the stock with the ATI replacement, added a Quad rail,a flash suppressor,heavy duty bi-pod and an x-2 light. I also have a rail mount laser as the x-2 light blocks the internal position for the laser.. and a red/green quick point scope on the way as well.....Any thoughts on this??

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    Heres the final photos of my Carbine build (not that anyone is interested!)LoLs

    Any thoughts are welcome!!
    Action Is Always Faster Than Reaction!!!

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    Man--that looks great JT.
    I've thought about picking up a Hi Point to replace my Kel Tec Sub 2000 which tends to jam a bit too much.
    Looks like all your mods cost more than the gun which is fine if it gets the gun where you want it.
    Nice job

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    Thanks Man!!

    I lucked up a couple of years ago at a gun show and bought the carbine for around $175.00 used. I put $112.00 in her as your looking at her!! I would be very surprised if you could pick up a compriabale carbine @ $287.00. Im done with her now except for hanging the strap back on.
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    WOW very nice JT! Thats a beauty!! I have one question. What kind of scope is on there?
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    I've been playing around with my 995 for a year or so...the C-More reflex sight cost more than the gun

    Your carbine looks nice by the way JT....

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    Nice JT. Gotta love the 3rd Batt sticker in your truck window!
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    NY unfortunately. To be remedied when I retire.
    I wish ATI would make a stock for the 4095. I hear Hi-Point is coming out with a new design that can be retrofitted. Guess I'll have to wait for that one. Nice carbines, guys!

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    I added some to know what people think

  11. Nice job on the paint! I just got mine this week and haven't even got to shoot it yet. Looking for a cheap red dot if anyone has recommendations.
    J.T. yours looks really nice!

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