I rebarreled my wife's sporterized 1903 Springfield. Her late father had it built for her when she was in HS (1957 is when it was built). It was fired by someone, I don't know who, with surplus ammo that had corrosive primers and not cleaned. The barrel was beyond ruined. She never had a chance to shoot it. I decided to rebarrel it for her so she could shoot it at least once (I'll make her a reduced power load).

Square threads, cut the notch for the extractor - I figure if I can do this one, I can do most anything I want to.

Couple of pictures:

Set up to cut the extractor groove:

After cutting the groove with the receiver torqued on place, bolt with extractor fits just perfectly:

It's upside down because I wanted to avoid a climbing cut for obvious reasons. I can't post a picture of the completed rifle yet, but that should be coming before spring.

I've rebarreled, set back and rechambered, and recrowned quite a few of my rifles. It's a lot of fun.