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Thread: Try this sometime for CQB with a scoped weapon

  1. If it is true CQB just use the scope as a big ghost ring or for that matter point shoot. Try this excersize at 3 5 7 10yards on an IDPA type target.
    2-3 rounds as fast as possible to center mass from a low ready position. At the closest distance the target will fill up the scope. Think of it as a caveman Eotech. In every cqb rifle class I make guys run their guns with the optics turned off. Most can get hits to 25 yards without iron sights just using the scope tube as a sight. In CQB you also have to be aware of the sight offset. on a standard AR it is around 2 " with a red dot on top of a scope it's more like 3" now cant the rifle and you'll be shooting the door frame or other cover; maybe even the good guy or family member you want to save.
    On the other end of the spectrum most shooters can't hit a IDPA target at 600 yards with iron sights and a large percent can't do it with their scope. Add in factors like wind, humidity, alltitude, temp changes and standard scopes then a shooter that does well at 100 is lost at 600. I see it in every class.

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    You'd think none of us here have ever served in the military, huh ?

    Then there was the slap in the chops on the closed eye side. IF YOU HAD THAT EYE OPEN YOU WOULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING YOU SON OF A B****!!!!

    Lesson learned.

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    I have an illuminated reticule on my 4x scope mounted to my AK and it really is best to shoot with both eyes open all the time, but the inherent features of the AK scope mount allows use of the iron sights at close range anyway because the scope mount has to remain high enough to remove the dust cover for maintenance.

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    ooooor, just use a scope with quick-dettach rail mounts, and some pop-up battle sights, or use a hard mounted scope and quick-transition iron sights on a 45 degree angle.
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    This is just my opinion based on my own experience:

    It's CQB... you should be point-shooting no matter what gadgets you have on your weapon. Both eyes open all the time, carbine up at the ready, put two quick rounds into your target's sternum and move on to the next threat. At CQB distances, you don't need to be a marksman... put the damn lead through their chest.

    However, I don't care for optics on my combat arms... especially b/c I prefer AKs, no use and it just adds bulk, weight and something else to break.
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    Look that the "Bindon aiming concept as well" (easy to find on Google). That can work well with magnified optics such as the ACOG or Browe scopes.
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