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    I agree that a bolt hold open is a good idea, but in the element of an infantry squad on the battlefield most armies seem to think it's less important.

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    Round counting will work fine on the range, but probably not under battle stress. I believe it's stupid the HK91 doesn't lock open on the last shot. Big design flaw, IMHO.
    Maybe Its just me but I have found that my thinking process is way overloaded during the fight. I have been in several firefights where I couldn't tell you how many mags I went through, let alone having counted rounds. This is why I have my last two magazines marked, and I do an ammo check right after the fight is over, or is at a lull point.There is just simply too much information in my head when I am trying to coordinate weapon placement and movement. Plus you have the "headshed" on the radio asking everthing but for a powerpoint slide detailing the event. Even when I can't hear a thing cause of the noise I can feel the bolt lock open on my M-4 and know its time to refresh.
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