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    Exclamation Fundementals...Trigger Pull

    Try this trick next time you are handling your rifle...
    Balance a coin across the barrel (laying flat not standing the coin on edge)
    Slowly squeeze the trigger.
    The coin should stay put.
    If it did not are you jerking the trigger? Flinching? Reacting adversely to recoil that is not there?

    Work on this and you will see your standing unsupport shot groups start to close up.

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    Neet Tool, I have never heard that. I'll have to try that on my 44....
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    This sounds like a fun exercise. I may have to try this.

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    Also if you have someone else load the rounds in an unknow number and do this it helps. I had to do this because I was more focused on the coin when dryfiring.
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    In the army we refer to this as the "dime washer method" it will indeed improve ones trigger pull mechanics

  7. On point Retired Grunt we still use it.

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    I occasionally slip in a dead primer 'Dummy' (Light a match to the primer, once it's 'Spent' load it with NO POWDER) and loaded with a regular bullet...

    Slip a couple of dummies into your regular practice ammo at random.
    A plastic bag or can with your practice rounds in it works good to mix things up so you don't know WHICH rounds are the 'Dummies'...
    It's a REAL surprise when you hit that dead round and you can evaluate your fundamentals.

    Also, if you have someone around, have them load a 'Snap Cap' in with the regular bullets in a magazine fed firearm.. that will also be a REAL surprise when it catches up with you!

    I use a cheap laser insert in the chamber, one of those cheap bore sighting lasers shaped like a cartridge and watch my grip/trigger pull as the dot moves around on the target during the firing cycle...
    That's ALWAYS an eye opener how much that rifle moves around when you are firing!

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    Great tip - I ran across this on another forum, and it really does help! Keep stacking up pennies to really control your pull!
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    My oldest brother clued me in to both the empty chamber and the coin method years ago. The empty chamber of course to be tried on a firing range and the coin on the barrel can be practiced while dry firing. Both are good to remember and practice. Thanks guys.
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    I'd rather just dia inl on my scope and squeeze the triggera few times.

    I'lll know If I'm on target or not.
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