VTAC Zig Zag Drill for Carbine
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Thread: VTAC Zig Zag Drill for Carbine

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    VTAC Zig Zag Drill for Carbine

    VTAC Zig Zag drill in under 12 seconds. First you might want to master the fundamentals of proper carbne handling and shooting, especiall shooting on the move. Hope this helps to motivate our members into driving for higher efficiency carbine shooting skills.

    Kyle Lamb, founder of VTAC (Viking Tactics) spent most of him military time in Special Operations and a good part of that with Delta. He's a fine mand to learn from.

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    I wonder why they don't transition to the left shoulder when going right to left. That and they both did the cross-step that he said to avoid when he was explaining the drill. Pretty kewl regardless.

    His book is good too, if you're looking for a rifle reference.
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