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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple View Post
    It's not the caliber, it's the shot placement. Three well controlled quick taps with a .22 just left of sternum center will do more damage than a 12g with '00' buck thrown downrange from the hip. That's the only problem with a gauge and '00'...the shot will go where it wants, not where you want it.
    Anywhere from one to eleven .32 cal lead balls hitting at 1100-1300+ fps (depending on load) sounds devistating to me... My 870 patterns at just less than "cereal bowl" size from my bedroom door to the steps and "dinner plate" size from bedroom door to end of house with the shell I stock. The OO buck shot (.32 cal) go where I point the shotgun, not 'where they want'. Just say'n.
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    Prefered choice is 1911 in bedside holster made my own looks like the crossbreed bedside along with my Marlin Camp 45 close by and they use the same magazine.

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    Then there's always...

    Hand grenades....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdc2co:244383
    Hand grenades....
    Yeah... Try explaining that one to the insurance adjuster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warbirds View Post
    Yeah... Try explaining that one to the insurance adjuster.
    Would a flame thrower be better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdc2co View Post
    I still say this:
    If you plan to stand your ground (stay in one place to wait for help), a shotgun is an option.
    If you plan to clear your own home (not smart), use a handgun.
    It is far too easy (even for me) to grab a long gun out of your hands as you come around a corner.
    Imagine I'm the BG (aka 'Bag Guy'). You (homeowner) are coming to get me by clearing your own home. I'm waiting for you on one side of a 90 degree corner (inside the bathroom door, or possibly in the kitchen- either way, just around the corner.) I hear you (homeowner) coming and I know you can't see me. At the very second I see that long barrel come around that corner, I'm going to reach out with both hands, grab the barrel of the gun, and take it away from you. Then I'm going to shoot you with your own gun.
    Does this happen? Yes, it does, and I've done it many times, while playing 'bad guy' in a training scenario.
    Learn to think like the 'bad guy' does in order to out-plan him. Have your friends play 'Bad Guy' and you (homeowner) use a broom stick, piece of foam pipe insulation, water noodle, etc as a shotgun/rifle. Their goal is to grab the broomstick/foam tube/etc "gun" away from you every chance they get. You, too will learn the lesson I learned through training.
    BTW, rifle rounds will penetrate the walls of your home and cause damage/injuries/deaths to disinterested parties. Yes, we have done that training many times, too.
    I know someone reading this is thinking that I have no frickin' clue what I'm talking about, so you all try the broomstick "gun" training trick ASAP, and get back to me with what you learned. I really do want someone to get back to me. It will open your eyes pretty quick.
    If my advice helps 1 person, I'm thrilled. If I help 1,000 know what I'm about to say.
    I have to say that in all my building entries and search and clearing that I have done with a shotgun or rifle, not once was anyone able to grab my barrel or weapon before getting shot. Many have tried but no one has ever succeeded. Maybe with students who have never done it but..... That is just my experience. I have seen an instructor throw up a piece of cardboard and rush students before only to have the students to try and shoot around the card board box rather than fire through it. Of course my training was only through a police academy and in the military. Give me a 18.5 in shotgun for searching and clearing any day.
    Due to the increased cost of Ammunition I will be forced to discontinue warning shots as of now! USAF Chief Master Sergeant, Retired, 1979-2005

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    I favor the carbine over the shotgun, as long-guns go, for home defense. I also tend to nag people with shotguns to do two things:

    Pattern the defense load you will be using at the range you expect to be using it. You may be surprised at how small the spread of buckshot will be at in-house ranges.

    Put a red dot on the shotgun.

    The first thing is most important to do. The second thing will enhance your ability to make the shots you need to make.
    I don't care as much about making you more "tactical" as I do about making you better able to be the one still standing after the fight is over.

  9. The best home defense weapon is the one you can insure access to be able to shoot well and are comfortable with. Be it a 22lr revolver a 12 gauge SBS AOW or anything between....

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    Best Home defense Gun

    My thoughts exactly

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    Most seem to agree that the best home defence weapon is what you have with you when needed, personaly we have several, (no kids in the house) a 12 gauge semi auto is good but its a large weapon and can be unweildy, I would say a large bore handgun would also be good loaded with shot shells, now I'm saying this as a strictly inside the home weapon, but one thing I may point out is some sort of early warning device, motion alarm or the old standby a big dog or if just for alarm purposes any dog
    Bad Guys of the world beware the next time you think about jumping on a old guy, because its a fair bet he's to old to fight and probably to fat to run, but can put one in your eye at 50ft with his weak hand

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