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  1. Quote Originally Posted by rich8363 View Post
    I have the Keltec Sub2000 Glock 9mm
    It shoots very well.
    I also have a Keltec Sub2k that uses the Glock G17 mags. I have it in my GHB (Get Home Bag) in my trunk. There is NO other rifle out there that I could do that with! It has been super reliable, and while it would not be my go-to gun for the apocalypse, I would trust my life to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by handgonnetoter View Post
    I know the thread is about carbines, but you and your wife might want to consider a pump action or semi-auto 20 ga. shotgun.
    A Remington 870 with the blackhawk tactical stock in 20ga does a very nice job!

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    I can see a $150, used, testfired before buying Hi-point 9mm carbine as a home defense gun by somebody who's never going to bother to become skilled. Better than a pump shotgun for such people, by far. That is IF they know enough to load it with CorBon's 100 gr powRBall ammo. 1600 fps from a carbine barrel, 570 ft lbs., very mild blast and recoil.

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