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Let me say this regarding gas piston uppers.

I honestly don't think their necessary if your going to run a standard 16" bbl or longer. A midlength gas system with a low profile gas block and a 12" rail system is my preference, it may not be yours. Look at Daniel Defense Light rail systems in the mid length if your going to run a 16" + with a legacy impingment system.

If you going to run a short barrel AR then I do suggest the gas piston system. LWRC and POF are my preference. Forget H&K. They only sell the complete rifle and as of now I don't think we civies can get our hands on one here in the US at the moment. I believer H&K is going to market the rifle under a different name, but not until H&K USA has them manufactured here in the states with limited parts being imported. Check HKPRO dot com and you'll get more info there on the H&K 416.
well stated sir! the standard gas operating system is much maligned, just keep it clean and you wont have a problem with a 16" or longer bbl. hey ropeadope i'm having a problem finding a mil. spec.1 in7 twist in 16" any sources?