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  1. Building an AR NEED HELP

    Fellow gun lovers,I am new to the ar rifle, and i have decided to build instead of buying a complete rifle.I would like to build something like the smith and wesson m&p 15 moe.My bugdet is about 1,200,were do i begin???

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    Lower assembly first. It's easy and there are minimal tools needed. You will need some specific tools, however they are inexpensive and can be found at Brownells.

    I would build your lower with what you want and then purchase a complete upper and install the rail system that you deem necessary for how much "real estate" rail room you want.

    You can purchase some very nice uppers from Bravo Company USA, Inc. AR-15, M16, M4 Tactical Gear, Parts, Accessories.

    They have stainless barrels in all lengths, also cold hammer forged and a slew of complet uppers with various manufacturers rail systems.

    Do alot of homework before building. What kind of stock ? How long of a barrel ? What kind of barrel forging ? Twist rates and gas system lengths. Personally I would build the lower and purchase an upper with gas piston system instead of the legacy gas impingement system.

    It will be expensive, but you won't regret having an LWRC or POF upper on your new lower.

    There's alot more that I could add, but it's best for one to explore all the options on his or her own. You'll see what you like and what you need by doing alot reading and looking.

    Try here also.

    Good place to read and learn from industry experts and those that have used the platform in real world trigger time scenarios.

    Good luck.
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  4. Let me also suggest for discussions:

    and installation video/instructions at

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    +1 on the piston upper. It will be worth the extra bit of money.
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  6. I've also heard good stuff about the piston system for the AR. Are there any specific downsides to it, aside from the price?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpaceFrank View Post
    I've also heard good stuff about the piston system for the AR. Are there any specific downsides to it, aside from the price?
    Down side - The piston system is spring driven so, just like a recoil spring, it'll wear out and need replaced at some point.

    Plus side - Bolt carrier runs cooler and cleaner which should help prolong life and help cut down on malfunctions.
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  8. Ar 15 build

    Thanks for the input guys. I have been doing alot of reading and lots of visits to my local gunshops.

    What do you think of stag arms parts complete lower and upper stag rail system,hogue grip 16"chrome lined 1/9 twist barrel and a.r.m.s 40l sight or something similar for around 1000$

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    I'm not really a fan of Stag Arms, but if it floats your boat, it's your money.

    You can purchase a complete lower from just about anybody with a 5 or 6 postion retactable stock. I like the LMT "Defender" lower with the SOPMOD stock. It's the most popular with the "GO FAST" guy's.

    Choose any higher quality upper and pin it to that lower and you'll have hell of nice rifle.

    Things that are non-negotiable for my AR15's.

    1. 4150, Cold hammer forged or stainless barrel.

    2. 1/7 twist rate. This allows for heavier loads to stablilize.

    3. M4 barrel extension.

    4. M4 cut feed ramps.

    5. HPI tested

    6. MPI tested

    7. Mil Spec dimentions on both recievers and extension tube.

    8. Only quality high end rail systems. LaRue, Daniel Defense, Knights.

    9. Chrome lined or Nicor treated barrel.

    10 Low profile gas block with rail system.

    11. Front and rear flip up iron sights. You could use a front sight block with integral flip up sight but I like my iron on the rail. Troy is my choice for both front and rear sights.

    12.T-marked Flat top upper reciever. This is common, but it's worth mentioning anyway.

    13 5.56 chambered barrel. If you purchase only the .223 then you are limited to only .223 dimenions and pressures. The barrel is generally marked as Nato 5.56.

    14. Mil Spec anodized parts, at a minimum. Some finishes are better, but more expensive. IE: Les Baer Bear Coat.

    15 SOCOM extractor upgrade kit. This only cost $3.99 and is another non-negotiable item in my bolt.

    I'll think of more in a bit.
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    Let me say this regarding gas piston uppers.

    I honestly don't think their necessary if your going to run a standard 16" bbl or longer. A midlength gas system with a low profile gas block and a 12" rail system is my preference, it may not be yours. Look at Daniel Defense Light rail systems in the mid length if your going to run a 16" + with a legacy impingment system.

    If you going to run a short barrel AR then I do suggest the gas piston system. LWRC and POF are my preference. Forget H&K. They only sell the complete rifle and as of now I don't think we civies can get our hands on one here in the US at the moment. I believer H&K is going to market the rifle under a different name, but not until H&K USA has them manufactured here in the states with limited parts being imported. Check HKPRO dot com and you'll get more info there on the H&K 416.
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