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    Stevens 16 gauge

    Hi Folks,

    My dad recently bought a Stevens 16 gauge single shot at an auction for $40.
    The markings are "Stevens Arms Co, Chippewa Falls, Mass" and "Patent 4-28-1914"

    There's nice engraving on the receiver area. Theres no serial number, which leads me believe it was manufacturer prior to 1968.

    Anyone have any info about this shotgun? I figure it's probably worth $40 if for nothing else than to hang over the fireplace.
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    From the current Blue Book, 30th ed., it sounds like a Model 94. It was made beginning in 1929. Values from 60% @ $40.00 to 100% @ $95.00.

    Stevens made good guns and then combined with Savage and continued the tradition.

    Good Shooting

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