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    Mossberg 500 Persuader here with a Surefire Tac light...loaded with 00.
    HD pistol is a Baby Desert Eagle in .40 and a blinding Surfire tac light in the support hand, or a Beretta 92FS with Crimson Trace grips...

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    Not really a shotgun, but my Taurus Judge fires .410 shells. I keep it right by my bed, the first two rounds are .410 with the follow ups being .45lc. I know the .410 isn't lethal at long range, but the distance from my bed to door it'll at the very least hurt like nothing else. I've opted for this over a traditional shotgun by the bed because it's a lot quicker to draw and fire. I do have a JW Tolley 8Ga in the closet though, if the intruder doesn't break into my room directly I'm going for that. 2 ounces of shot per barrel is enough to send em packing. If the shot and black powder burns don't, the horrific bang and muzzle flash sure will.

    Now before you go, a 12ga magnum would work just as well I'd like to explain. First of all with a double barrel there's no issue's with jamming, or having to rack another shell into the breech. I only get two shots, but having fired this thing I can honestly say the spread from one shot will clear anything standing in my hall way. It really is obvious why they made this thing illegal for hunting fowl. I really have to thank my grandfather for giving me this, and many other unique fire arms that really are unique. 96 years old and the old man's still farming (albeit not at the rate he once was).
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    Browning 12 ga. pump loaded with 5+1 3" magnums alternating between 00 buck and slugs.

    I live alone, my house is CBC construction, and I can repair drywall so I will not hesitate to use it!

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    I have a Winchester 1300 Defender 18.5" barrel with a Surefire weapon light. Magazine tube loaded with 3" #4 Steel Goose Load. The chamber is empty, so I just rack one in if needed.

    I know first hand that there is a tremendous psychological effect on a subject that hears a 12 guage shotgun being loaded. Hopefully this will prevent him from losing his life as he soils himself and runs like the dickens!
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    Although I do not consider my shotguns as my first line of home defense weapons because of tactical disadvantages, my hand guns fill that requirement, I do consider them important as "the next level of defense" if things really go south. I have two. A Beretta auto with 18 inch barrel and a Mossberg 590 A1.
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