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    AR 15 Lightning Link.....

    I could be wrong, which I am a lot, but I thought it was illegal to even have the plans to make one. I bring this up because I saw several listings on ebay for the lightning link diagram and plans. So am I wrong?
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    That pesky 1st Amendment thing sometimes gets in the way of censorship.

    But that never stopped the government from manufacturing a 'constructive possession' case.
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    I don't think the plans are illegal it's the completed product that will get you in trouble.
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    Plans for anything like that are first amendment protected and ARE NOT illegal.

    DO NOT try to construct the device! That is VERY MUCH illegal.

    There are still several types of auto drop in devices on the market you can buy LEGALLY with the $200 transfer if you want one.

    Since the device it's self is registered, you can move it between rifles without an extra tax stamp,
    And the rifle is LEGAL for use and common resale when the device is removed.

    Personally, after 16 years of active military and a lot of 'Experience', I don't have much use for a fully automatic rifle,
    I'd rather have a hard hitting/accurate semi auto than spend the money on some ammo wasting device.

    In my OPINION,
    Your money would be MUCH better spent on a semi-auto AR-10 in .308 Cal. with a good barrel than used on some ammo wasting device that will probably make the rifle jam so much it's virtually unusable.

    An accurate .308 semi-auto is a beautiful thing and a joy forever!
    It will take down every kind of game you can think of, is accurate, has VERY fast follow up shots and hits REALLY hard.

    Like I said, that's just my opinion...

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    This day and age, they can try to say pretty much anything is illegal.

    Some problems I see with the AR Lightning Link are:
    1. They will not work with every type of AR bolt carrier. They are only supposed to work with the Colt SP1 carrier, though I've heard of people getting it to work with different ones.
    2. The link itself needs to be thin, so it cannot last very long as metal parts are slamming into it repeatedly at high speeds. I don't know about you, but the thought of a chunk of sheet metal shearing off inside my firearm at the worst possible time does not appeal to me.
    3. Getting caught with one is a BIG no-no according to the lovely BATFE. I don't see spending time in prison just so my rifle can shoot faster as being a fair trade. I would rather stick to bump firing if I feel like wasting a bunch of ammo.
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