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While I am a semi-auto shotgun guy for combat shotguns, the 500 or even better the 590 are excellent pump guns. If I were you, since you already hunt with an 870 Wingmaster, why not stick with one for home defense? Get a used Wingmaster and add a mag tube extension and a short or cut down barrel or buy the Police Magnum 870. I don't like the Express models, but even a used wingmaster is a great gun if it's in decent condition. I also prefer a full shoulder stock or solid (non-folding) pistol grip stock on a short barrel gun. To me the pistol grip is too unstable as a firing platform and even though slightly shorter, is a minus on shooting quickly and accurately. There was a Police Officer in my area several years back that went in on a raid with a pistol grip shotgun. He had to fire at a suspect 3 times, and missed him at about 15 feet down the hall. Big wads of buckshot went over the guys head, under his arm, etc. A guy with a pistol finally ended up hitting the bad guy. The bad guy fortunately was a bad shot too. There is a misconception that you can't miss with a shotgun, because of the spread. Some folks think that a short barrel means the shot will cover a wall at 10 feet. Big Mistake. Shoot your shotgun at 10 feet and see how big the pattern really is. Most cases it will be a big wad of lead the size of your fist. The pistol grip is hard to shoot and unstable for aiming. Even bringing the gun stock up to your shoulder and the barrel within your field of vison improves your hit probablity greatly.
I appreciate your opinion.. You bring up some very valid points. Maybe I'll just get an 18" barrel for my 870.