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    Springfield M1A SOCOM 308

    I have a chance to buy a Springfield M1A in urban camo. Ugly but I can get it for $1500.00 otd. I have been thinking about a military type rifle and I'm not really into the AR type, even though they seem to be well proven. Does any one have any experience with these rifles? Does it seem like a good deal or just average? I see that they have an MSRP of 1757.00 but I am not sure what they actually retail for in the real world.


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    All I can say is jump on it like a Hobo on a hot dog.....
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    The M1A SOCOM has quickly become my favorite rifle. I like short rifles or carbines. I like the 308. I like the M1A/M14 rifle design. So, what's not to like? My SOCOM is extremely accurate at 200 yards. I haven't really shot it further for group. But easily dinged some metal 8" swinging plates at 300 yards.

    The company designed the special Muzzle Break on the rifle for the Hornady TAP 110grain Round. After shooting the Hornady TAP 110, I went and bought several cases. The Recoil is so light and shoots so fast, it feels like you're shooting an AR-15. But it also shoots standard Military grade 150 grain FMJ stuff very well too. In fact that's what I used for the 300 yard shots. I've also tried mine out with an EoTech and an Aimpoint Red dot sight. Both worked well, but I prefer more of a cheek weld on the stock, so i also like the iron sights with the Night Sight front that comes on the rifle. I also have one of the M1A Scouts. It is equipped with one of the foward mounted Leupold Scout Scopes.

    Hope you get the rifle and have fun with it. It is my number 1 SHTF rifle.
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    I would love to have one. I am not sure how good that price is but if others here think that is pretty good then by all means get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    I would love to have one. I am not sure how good that price is but if others here think that is pretty good then by all means get it.
    OH Yes, Me Too. on wanting one. Prices haqve been all over the board, $1800 to over $2200 then add the "Fixin'"...
    Have not seen one that $$$$low.... Do a little Google thang....
    Like I said,,,, Hop on it like a Hobo on a Hot Dog...

    Last Months Amer Rifleman Had a great Ad a couple pages in from Springfield Armory... This web site has a good price for a 16" Springfield Armory M1A 308 Rifles - Springfield Armory M1A CA & NJ Legal Rifles - Springfield Armory M1A Standard, M25 White Feather, M1A Loaded, M1A Scout Squad, M1A Bush Rifle, M1A National Match, M1A Super Match, M1A SOCOM 16, M1A SOCOM II, M1A SO
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    That's a very good price for a SOCOM! You can't ask for a better shooting firearm. I have a Springfield M1A Scout with a folding stock and I love it. The shorter barrel of the SOCOM makes it feel even better. Jump on it!
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    I'm assuming you are speaking of the SOCOM 16, and not the SOCOM II. They are very nice rifles. This is mine I picked up last year.

    These are beautiful shooting weapons, and I much prefer them over AR-10 .308 models. What is nice is it's a gun you can have a lot of fun with. I kept mine box stock with no add on's. The Trijicon Night Sights are excellent, and their Ghost Ring configuration works well. You can pick up the sights very quickly, and at the same time the aperture is small enough to allow for some very accurate shooting off of the bench. I hope you handload for .308 because these things go through large amounts of ammunition! Bill T.

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