.357 Lever Action- HP or SP..?
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Thread: .357 Lever Action- HP or SP..?

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    .357 Lever Action- HP or SP..?

    If shooting for defense purposes only in a (357) lever action rifle, which round do you prefer, HP or SP? (125 gr. or 158 gr.) Please explain why you choose the round. The reason I ask is that I've read that a .357 HP fired from a rifle will fragment too much due to the higher velocity preventing adequate penetration. If true, then would the .38 spl. HP be okay being that the velocity is much less?
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    I have a Rossi carbine in .357 and it is a great plinking rifle. But for serious work I like heavier bullets, it's what the .357 does better than a 9 or a .38

    I've only hunted small game with it -- and that was many years ago -- but the ~150 SWC I was casting at the time worked well. I've never hunted with JHP or JSP ammo. In factory ammo I'd go with the heaviest bullet I could find -- most of it I've seen for the past year or so is 110 or 125 JHP.
    As for .38 and factory ammo; since it's chambered for .357 I'd use the stoutest load and heaviest bullet I could find.
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