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    Buying an AK

    Greetings folks,

    I have decided to buy an AK47 (I am open to an AK74) but really dont know diddly about them. I spent many years carrying AR's & M4's & consequently own some now but the AK I really dont know much about.

    What do I need to know about them prior to purchase Any manufacturer better than another?

    I intended to get an underfolder (for no better reason than they look cool ) It will be a shooter, not a safe queen so factor that into your deliberations.

    Thanks for any & all input.
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    All "real" gun guys need a rifle that can be dropped in a mud hole, and sitll fire rounds after very minimal cleaning.

    Best of luck with your search.

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    The only AK I have is the Romanian "pistol". I have heard that the Bulgarian model is perhaps the best. There are quite a few members here that may be able to shed more light on the subject. Good luck in you search.
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    Here is the one that I have. It's an americal made AK from I.O. Inc. (Welcome to I.O. Inc.) I have a couple hundred rounds through this one and I've been very happy so far. More accurate then I was excepting and no malfunctions to date.

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    If you are looking for an Underfolder AK-47, look at the Yugo models over the Romanians. Nothing wrong with the Romanian weapons, but the Yugo models have much heavier gauge receivers, and are put together with more attention to detail. These are my 2 Yugo's. They also come with black synthetic furniture if you prefer. The wood stocked models are getting hard to find.

    If you want a really nice conventional stocked weapon, it's pretty hard to beat Lancaster Arms. This is my Lancaster Arms "Russian Red" Model. The AK below it is a Romanian GP-1975 Model. It is one of the better put together Romanian's.

    I also picked up a couple of 1960 Polish Milled Receiver Models last year. Milled receiver AK-47's are getting increasingly harder to find, and when you do they are getting very expensive.

    Whatever AK-47 model you choose you may want to pick up a few 75 round drum magazines for it. I got these 5 from J&G Sales up in Prescott, Arizona for $79.95 each if you buy 5 or more. They are all brand new in the box. They all run like a top, and make the AK-47 an even more capable weapon platform. With any AK-47 model make sure you look the gun over closely, and make sure the front sights are straight and not canted. Bill T.

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    Can I come and play with your toys?

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    You got some great toys there Bill!

    Thanks for the tips, I shall be on the prowl for a nice Yugo underfolder.
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