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Thread: Anyone Into Lever Guns?

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    Can't argue with you there, Ringo. The Henry weighs a ton... I love it, but it does get heavy after a while.
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    I've been considering buying a Henry Big Boy in .45 long colt, but the price of the ammo....

  4. I am interested in the Henry 45-70. Does anybody own one or have experience with one? Are they the same quality as the rest of the Henry lineup?

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    I'm a big fan of lever guns, though I just have one. Mine is a Marlin 336w 30-30. It was rough at first, but after cycling it a bit its smoothed out. Nice accuracy with its stock sights, though I want to change to a peep sight. Also, I'm thinking about selling it to help fund a Henry lever gun in .357 for cheaper ammo and being able to shoot it both outdoors and indoors. I also want a henry frontier .22.
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    A 1970's Winchester Model 94 30-30 is at our house.:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosreme View Post
    I have a Winchester 94 Trapper/.357 magnum. It's fun to shoot, reliable, and surprisingly accurate. But I'm not "into" lever actions so much as I guess I was into cowboys in movies who used them years ago.
    What year is your Winchester?
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    I have a Browning Level Action 30.06 that I bought brand new in 2006. Love it.

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