Anyone Into Lever Guns?
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Thread: Anyone Into Lever Guns?

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    Anyone Into Lever Guns?

    I'm not a whole lot into lever guns, but here are a few of them. Sorry about some of the pictures, Some were scan jobs off of older photos.

    A early 1970's Winchester Model 94 .30-30 I bought brand new off the rack at Sears in 1971. It was missing the hood on the front sight. I went back and forth with the salesman until the manager showed up and marked $25.00 off the price. I walked out the door with it for under $100.00. I really wanted it because the stock had nice Tiger Striping. I drove over to my local gun shop at the time and he installed a front sight hood while I waited for the whopping price of $3.50, and my new rifle was complete.

    Another Winchester Model 94. This one is a "Trapper" Model in .45 Colt. It has a 16" barrel. I got it from a distributor out of Reno, Nevada back when I had my FFL, (pre Oklahoma City). When it arrived it had a cracked stock, so back it went. They admitted several had gotten out of the factory that way. When I got the second one, same deal. Finally the third time was a charm and the gun was beautiful without a mark on it. They were so nice to credit my account for $75.00 for all of my trouble.

    A Marlin 39-A .22 LR. I had been wanting one for a long time so I finally gave in. Trouble was I called damn near every gun shop in Phoenix and no one had them. All kinds of stories about "limited production", and that sort of thing. I finally found a shop in town that had ONE. I drove over and paid retail price for it, ($405.00 at the time). I thought it was ridiculous for a .22, even though the action is like it was greased with butter. The other day Cabela's had one on their rack for well over $500.00 so I really can't complain. You never see them discounted. Even used ones are priced sky high.

    While not a true lever gun I picked up this Winchester Model 88 in .308 about 15 years ago from a "friend of a friend". He only wanted $250.00 for it so I couldn't resist. It only had 2 boxes of ammo through it. It was an early 60's manufacture gun. I got it complete with the old steel tube Weaver KV-60, 6 power scope with "Swing Away" mounts. (Remember those?) I was going to replace the glass and mounts, but after I shot it I decided not to mess with it because it shot great. They were more of a lever actuated bolt action, than they were a true lever gun, which is why they were chambered for high pressure rounds like the .308, .358, and .284 Winchester back then. Like many guns, the cost to manufacture took it off the market.

    This is the only lever gun I own with a scope other than the Model 88. It's a Marlin 1894 in .44 Magnum. I mounted a Leupold Vari-X II 3-9X in Leupold rings and bases. I originally bought it for a Wisconsin Black Bear hunt that never materialized. It's an accurate shooter, and I've got several .44 Magnum wheel guns to go along with it. It is an 80's model without any checkering on the stock.

    Last is my Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun. This is an earlier model that has the ported barrel. It really helps cut down on the recoil, but it really increases the muzzle blast! I haven't scoped it mostly because to me scoping a lever gun is a bit like putting a spoiler on a stagecoach. It just doesn't seem like it belongs. What I really like about the lever guns is the fun factor.

    There are times when I get bored and just want to pull a trigger and have fun doing it without all of the worry about accuracy, group size, and all of the like. Mel and I will grab some lever actions and go out to our club range and have at the steel plates out at 200 yards. They really ring loud when you whack them with big, heavy bullets from lever guns. It's nice because we can both load the truck in about 5 minutes. No spotting scopes, bench rests, targets, and all the rest. Just guns and plenty of ammo. Can't beat that. Bill T.

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    I shot one for the first time last week. Pretty sure it was a 35 Marlin. I was really impressed with the grouping at 50 yards with iron sights. I know that's not long range but it's what we were shooting. I notice a lot of guys use them for white tail in Maine in the thick brush.
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    I have a level action Winchester 94 in 30-30. Not sure of the year on it. Fun to shoot, mostly I love the look of it. Will post a pic once I get one.

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    Gotta love those levers !

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    I've got an old Winchester 94, but it's mainly a fun gun. The 30-30 has a trajectory somewhat like a rainbow, so it's only good at relatively short range. It's pretty good for brush hunting but I just use mine mainly for plinking and as a backup gun, but I've always liked the 94 as a good all around utility gun. Not sure if that makes me into lever action guns or not.
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    I have a Win 94 .38-55. It is the Chief Crazy Horse Commemorative from 1983. It used to be my brother-in-law's before he passed away. It now is in a case hanging on our wall.

    A year after he passed, I took it off the wall and went to his uncle's farm and shot it remembering my bro. I couldn't believe how accurate this rifle is.
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    Have a old winchester 94 1948 is the year and a much newer Marlin 1894c in .357 enjoy them both very much

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    Have been pining to get back into a lever gun for some time. Finally broke down and picked up a Marlin 336 in .35 Rem for Christmas. Fun, fun, fun!!!!!

  10. I wanted a 22 rifle and bought a Henry lever action. Shoots longs, long rifle and shorts. Just a great rifle and very accurate. Good times.

  11. I have several lever guns,Uberti 1860 henry case hardened frame and a puma 45 long colt for cowboy action shooting. I got a winchester 9422 for my sons and a marlin guide gun 45-70 for my bear and bore hunting son.They are all fun to shoot.The winchester is the most accurate.The uberti 1860 henry is the best looking. The marlin has the most power. The puma was the most frugal to purchase. I love them all.

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