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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok View Post
    Is the stock strictly a bolt on job?
    There are 2 screws on the butt pad on the back of the original fixed stock. Unscrew those and you'll be on your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rabbitcreekok View Post
    Is the stock strictly a bolt on job?
    Yes. The Axiom is simple to install. I decided not to use one on my 300 Mag though, sent it back.

    I bought a plain 870 and did my own conversion with a multi position stock, heat shield, extended mag, red dot scope and mount, 18 inch Mosberg barrel, and sling. You have to do a little grinding with a Dremmel tool adding the extended mag or the ammo won't feed.

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    That is a nice looking gun, Owl. I am considering doing the same with an 870. Seems like the best end result for the least expenditures. We used 870's in Dallas years ago. They were pretty much just stock, but they were nice to have along.

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    Thanks. Only problem and bear in mind when you build, they get HEAVY fast. Even with only 3 rounds in it it wears me out in the woods.
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    870 tactical

    I bought mine 8 months ago ,the day after i got it off to the range !! The first problem it wouldn't take 7 in the tube and second it wouldjack really hard ! The second day it's back to the dealer to ship back to Remmington . Well you won't believe it but 2 weeks later i got it back ! Well it off to the range and MAN did that shoot well all problems fixed . i never heard anything about not puching slugs through it and i do w/ great accuracy @ 100 yrd. . I also own a Mossberg 500 ab now thats in storage .

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    OH ya need to know ..

    Ya need to put a supercell recoil pad on it , it's the BALLS .............

  8. I hadn't heard you can't run slugs through the breacher choke..
    My Rem Tactical w/breacher shoots them fine. Cannot see any reason why it wouldn't.......

  9. i received my 870 tactical (20ga) the other day but have not had a chance to shoot it yet. i did pick up some #2 buckshot for it though. hope to get out over the weekend and see how it shoots.

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    OldOwl were did you get the heat shield from , the reason why I ask is it looks like from the picture it is fastned on both end YES ? The only one I've seen was fastned on the site end !

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