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    You Tube tutorials

    Just want to say what might be obvious to some, others might not realize. I have found some really great You Tube videos. Just about anything you might want to do from picking a lock, to fixing a guitar, to cleaning a gun. I just stripped down my old 10/22 and cleaned it properly for the first time ever. Nothing to it.

    My guitar costs $3K, so I don't take it on the road to work with me, and after a few weeks miss it. So I bought a cheapo and learned how to lower the action so it plays more easily. If it gets broken or stolen, no big deal.

    I can pick a lock now with a turkey needle and an alan wrench too.

    You Tube's a great resource, with lots of gun related stuff if you know how to search for what you want.
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    Youtube also shows us what not to do with firearms.

    Example: YouTube - Kid Shoots him self with 380 fps pistol
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    LMAO! I bet the little dope stuck his tongue on the metal flag pole last winter too.
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    The girls getting knocked down/in the face are the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldOwl View Post
    LMAO! I bet the little dope stuck his tongue on the metal flag pole last winter too.
    You'll shoot you eye out kid. Ho Ho Ho! (Kick to Ralphie's face)

    Sorry I could not resist the "A Christmas Story" refference.

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