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  1. Cool

    new to this site, just wanted to say hello

  3. cx4 storm

    i also have been shopping around for a good pistol cal rifle. i checked around and saw alot of the cx4 storms and what i've really come to find is that the 400-550 price range are for the old models. they accept the old beretta 92/99 mags. now the 700-800 price range are the new models which accept the px4 storm mags and have a higher mag capacity. myself i already own a px4 storm so that weighs on my choice.

  4. see above

    see sbove message.
    Quote Originally Posted by ecocks View Post
    the CX-4 comes in .40 too.

    from www.berettaweb.com


    9x19mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP The wide choice of calibers makes the new Beretta Cx4 Storm a suitable firearm for multiple tasks. Hard mounting points allow the addition of various accessories, including side, top and bottom "Picatinny" rails. These will accept optics, tactical lights. lasers and vertical grips. One side rail included.

    under $800 everywhere I have seen it advertised.

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