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    Changing stocks

    I'm struggling with this one. I read that how a stock is mounted can effect accuracy. I'm not grasping this. As long as it is tight and not moving, what's it matter? What does it matter if the barrel is free floating or bedded? I'm expecting a new stock tomorrow for my hunting rifle, but just sighted in a new scope yesterday. Should I put the new stock on, or wait til after next weeks hunting trip?
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    Stocks effect accuracy in many ways. This is a tested fact. If you change stocks you must shoot your gun to check where it is now hitting. There is a chance there will be no change but a much larger chance of change of impact. Your groups might get larger or smaller. Only shooting it will answer what effect the stock change made. No one can tell you until the rifle is shot with the new stock.

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    I had the same thought when hearing that statement. It does make a difference, however. My AR15 handles a little different with the collapsible stock installed vs. the solid A1 stock. I think it has to do with the individual shooter adjusting grip to accommodate for a length of pull that is not the right or a stock that is not comfortable etc..

    Kinda the same way the grip angle on a Glock will cause some shooters (me included) to present with the muzzle above the intended target. It's different for all.

    How to fit*your shotgun by adjusting pitch and point of aim | Wonder How To

    Here is a link related to adjusting shotguns, but it holds true for other rifles as well. Good info...
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    A free floating barrel is more accurate. But if you're sighted in now just wait til your back from the hunt. Good hunting!

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I talked with Shaggy on the sniper forums and showed the stock to a smitty and decided to send it back.

    The hunting trip was a bust. Came down with the first cold I've had in YEARS and coughed and sneezed for five day (all of which it rained) and blew so hard one day I couldn't hang on in my new tree stand I custom welded. Saw moose and bear but no tags for them. On the last day we found a 200 pound doe which somehow had broken her rear leg so just the bone was sticking out and the coyotes tracked her down and gutted her. We stole her from the coyotes. Poor thing must have suffered awfully. Came home for three more days of rain. I need a week in Aruba.
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