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    I'm putting together My first AR-15 and I've decided to go with a two piece quad rail in a carbine length. A buddy of mine gave me a VPG and after putting it on, I cut my Ergo Grip rail covers to length. They're only temporary, I'm looking to find something better.

    I like the Maugpul XTM covers but I'm wondering how you would cover the remaining portion of the rail after attaching the VPG seeing as how it leaves an uneven number of rail positions to be covered.

    Do any of you run these particular covers on your rails? How do you like them? I'm a bit "OCD" about having all the positions covered and would love some help in this area.
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    I don't put any rail covers on the bottom rail. I have though, at times, had a smaller 6 rib panel on the bottom rail and the VFG was on the rail just in front of the 6 rib panel. If you look you'll see smaller rail panel sections. You can then cover the remaining rail sections pretty well with all the options of sizes available.

    I think this is what your asking ?

    I only use Knights Armament panels.

    I also have some of the Tango Down rails that came with one of my LMT rifles. I believe I might have two sets of them.
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    Just so long as you don't go off the rails on the crazy train.

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