Feedback Needed on AR-Cleaning Stand Concept
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Thread: Feedback Needed on AR-Cleaning Stand Concept

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    Feedback Needed on AR-Cleaning Stand Concept

    We had a request from a customer to design a cleaning stand for the AR platform. So we put together some concepts. The idea is to have a stand that collapses to store flat. The rest also allow access to the firearm in the up (magazine facing up) or down (magazine facing down) positions. A strap with a quick release buckle (not shown) is used to secure the rear end of the firearm to the cleaning stand

    Here are some images of the concept:

    <Isometric View>

    <Front View>

    <Right Side View>

    <Left Side View>


    1) How important is it that the stand collapses for storage?
    2) Any thoughts on the general concept?
    3) How about the presentation of the fiream to user? Does that work for cleaning?
    4) What other features does the stand need?

    Cheers, Montie Roland
    Montie Design, Apex, NC

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    The idea of having it store flat is a nice touch perhaps for travel and portability, but not really all that necessary.

    Composition would be stamped steel or aluminum?

    Perhaps a mechanism to allow level of the upper if having the barrel tipped down is undesirable.

    perhaps a clamp (rubber insulated and tension adjustable) for retention of the upper so as to allow other work to be done using this rig.

    Good looking concept. Good luck..
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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