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  1. AR-15 Questions

    So I have decided that I want to get some kind of AR-15. I'd really like a mid-length carbine. I know what features are must haves for me, and what features I would like to have. I do have a few questions though.

    Are there any brands/manufacturers that I should absolutely avoid?

    Is buying a used one a bad idea?

    I've been serving in the active Army for 4 years now, so I know the weapon pretty well. At the same time, I am definitely no gunsmith. I am not sure if I could put together a the lower. I just want a decent carbine, that shoots well, is reliable, and pretty basic. I'm looking to keep it around $800. Is this possible??

    Thanks in advance.


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    If putting together the lower is daunting, just remember a squid with no idea on the ar15 put the lower together. Instructions about online. As for manufacturers, Im of the mindset that they learned a long time ago to either make quality products, or get out of the buisness all together. As for getting one for $800, there are a few auction sites like gunbroker and buds gun shop that have a few for around what your willing to pay. You would be better off building your own though, buying used can be a crap shoot. The gun you get may have been a safe queen or a torture tested weapon. Good luck to you either way you go.
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    Buying used is OK, just do homework first and be picky. After some looking and picking through some, I came across a pre-ban Colt (sold new in 1993) that was test fired only! I traded some non firearms related items for it and a Colt Officers ACP in very good condition. Take your time and do lots of research. Try not to settle for it because it fits your price...

    Don't dismiss building one, it's the best way to become comfortable with them and learn how they function. As indicated by previous poster lots of information on "how to do it" is out there.

    $800.00 for new will be a tall order. It will limit you on features, but it's not impossible to find one that will fit your needs or desires in that range.

    Del Ton Inc. has some offerings in the $750.00 and most of the reviews are good. They also sell kits that allow you to build your own... It's worth the experience.

    Review: List

    Good luck...
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  5. I've been looking around and reading articles, reviews, and various forums about these rifles. I am very familiar with the function, except for putting together a lower. I have been looking at Del-Ton, and most of the reviews I have read have been pretty good if not sparkling. I am also looking at a Florida based company called Spike's Tactical. THey have gotten some great reviews, and guarantee their rifles for a lifetime. Their customer serivice is top notch. They have a mid-length M4 carbine, built to order, for $809. I am going to give them a call just to ask a few questions.

    Thanks for your responses. I figured buying a used one would be iffy and really hadn't planned to go with that option unless I found a gem at a gun show or pawn shop with a decent price.

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    Branch Custom Weaponry

    There is also a company here in Minnesota the manufactures AR-15s, and does a great job of it. They machine their own components and custom build the firearm for you. The exclusive distributor is Bullseye Shooting Range in North Branch, MN. I own 3 of them in different configurations and I love each of them. I think I have some pictures posted here somewhere. Also, he does make some that are in your price range. I thought I saw one in OD green going for about $775.00. I should be at the range this weekend. Let me know if you want me to check into it, or snap a picture for you.

    Found the pictures here:

    The one in the center is chambered in 6.8 SPC. The other two are 5.56 NATO. The one on the left has a piston conversion.

  7. Ahh, good old Minnesota. I am from the north metro area. I went to high school in Fridley. I am leaning big time into buying a Spike's but I appreciate it. When I come home on leave I will have to go to North Branch and check those out however.

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    I went to Irondale high school. Small world.

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    You can get a brand new Stag for about 1,100 with a life time guarantee, made in USA, and they even make lefties, and upgrade calibers. There are a few other RECENT AR threads going here you should check out.
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    Buy once cry once?

    I just picked this up, but it was more than twice your budget. However, saving a little longer and getting one of the top tier guns could make you very happy. This one is especially enjoyable when it's time to clean, since it's a gas piston (2-minute cleanup).

    There are a lot of safe queens available for good pricing, so used is a good option. Best to get on the boards, learn about the members, and buy from someone respected on the boards.

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    Whoa! Sweet. I like your "Island" too. Never get sick of looking at guns and palm trees.
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