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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    Anyone here own a Saiga shotgun??

    Opinions? Impressions?

    For a while now I've toyed with the idea of getting one for recreational purposes...wreaking havoc on inanimate objects, killing rabid watermelons, etc.
    I would definitely recommend changing the stock.
    I find the hollowness and lightness of the stock offsetting - feels cheap!
    I would recommend putting on a pistol grip.

    As for action, they work great - no complaints
    Regular magazine no feeding issues
    I don't have a drum magazine

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    Quote Originally Posted by lifegard View Post
    These are Kalishnakov based guns with a gas driven piston. They were designed originally for war so run best with High Brass ammo.

    However we sell, shoot and convert these guns so that they have the FCG moved forward, new stocks and pistol grips, polished internals and different recoil and hammer springs. When we are done they are just as reliable with low brass and bird shot. And are full 922R compliant.
    There are tons of add ons for these guns, brakes that will reduce felt recoil by 15%, all manner of rails, stocks and fore grips.

    They are extremely reliable guns and a lot of fun. After we do what we do, it is an entirely different gun then what comes out of the box when it comes to eating any ammo that you put into it and even the charging is smoother. We grind down the bolt and carrier and polish all friction surfaces so that it will load on a closed bolt, reshape and polish the hammer and lower the trigger pull.
    We'll sell them for $474.00 stock to members of CCR plus SH of $30.00 and we have 20 round drums for $86.00 delivered by the most reliable drum maker in the business. These are 2nd gen drums. These are guns right from the factory before we perform the optional services on them.
    The changes that we do can run between a few hundred and 1200 depending on the options chosen.

    We will also sell you the parts should you be a DIY type.
    We also sell a fair amount of the Saiga .308 as well in 21.8" barrel. $459.00 plus $ 35.00 SH
    Any questions leave a message here and I'll try to answer them. Better yet leave me a PM.
    Pretty much the 10/22 of the shotgun world huh? Please forgive my ignorance... when you say "We" who are you talking about? How well do they perform out of the box? And are they MA compliant? Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wakman1 View Post
    PLEASE! Babble on! That's how we learn here. I'm eager to learn. Thank you to EVERYONE who contributes to this thread. Well, every thread actually.
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  5. WE

    We is my company. Quiksolve Solutions LLC my IT biz that holds the FFL license. However we have a new site that is online with just test product at this time.

    They run pretty good out of the box as long as you don't use Walmart Bulk Pack ammo.

    As for MA compliance--the way I read the law they are as long as you don't have a high capacity magazine (more than 5 shotgun shells or more than 10 of other ammo).
    So that makes them conform as they come with a 5 round factory mag for the 12 ga. and 8 round mag for the 308. 10 round mags are available as are larger ones.
    In CA they conform after we put a Mag Release Block over the release so that a bullet or tool is used instead of a finger. $75.00

    They're a little more than the 10/22 LOL.

    They will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.

    Do a search for "Mud Saiga" on Youtube and you will see how they work after being pulled out of a mud puddle and being run over by a troop truck.

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    That would be a class B with 5 rounds. Class A you can have 10 rounds in a shotgun.
    EDIT: I JUST looked deeper into it. If it's a semi auto, 5 rounds is the MAX. This state just sux more every day. Can't keep up with the laws. I got nervous for a minute cuz my 870 holds 9.

    By 10/22 I meant the amount of goodies you can add on are endless!

    OK I'm on the case, I want one of these bad boys, I'll pm you soon. Thank you.
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  7. I have had a SAIGA12 since CDNN was offering them for $269-299. 18 inch barrel with removable choke. I have never has any problems with it in over 1000 rds either before, or after the PG conversion. Mine has worked fine with Wally world bulk packs on setting #2. #1 using heavy loads.

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    If you plan to get one, get it soon. The Russian American Armory importer of Saiga 12 has lost their import license. There will be a new importer once the current stock runs out. My FFL called the distributor, and was told that the next importer will raise the price by $150 right out of the gate. I wanted one of these 2 years when they were just $375. I just paid $550 plus tax for mine here in sunny cold CT.

    I won't be using mine right away. I plan to smith and smooth out all the guts to make it flow with low go ammo.

    Tried to find Saiga 5 round factory mags, but they seem to be the most scarce. 8 and 12 round mags no prob, 12 and 20 round drums are available. I'd just like one more 5 round mag... If I can't get it done with 10x12G, I may need to use plan B

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    Me and my big mouth.

    I show a couple of friends some YouTube videos of the Saiga 12 in action. A few hours later my phone is ringing. It's my dealer.....gun dealer that is

    Him: "So....I hear you're interested in a Siaga 12??"

    Me: "News travels fast."

    Him: "I've got a couple in stock. $499 but for you I can do a little better"

    Me: (eyes rolling) "Oh really...."

    Him: "Yup. Get it now because the prices will be going up".

    Me: "You're evil. Delete my phone number".

    After finishing my Christmas shopping (that's right...I do it early) I decided to treat myself. Got a Draco AK "pistol". I'll save my nickels and dimes and it looks like I'll be getting a Saiga sooner rather than later.

    Thanks to all for their input. I'm convinced.

  10. Saiga mags

    We have all size mags in stock 2-20 no problem.

    And your gun dealer was right. We used to sell them for $449.00 but our costs have gone up 30 bucks a gun 2 days ago. We are still buying them at below the normal distributor price to dealers though until the stock runs out.

    The new importer, Arsenal has already raised wholesale prices.

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    Saiga 12 shotgun

    Quote Originally Posted by lifegard View Post
    We have all size mags in stock 2-20 no problem.

    And your gun dealer was right. We used to sell them for $449.00 but our costs have gone up 30 bucks a gun 2 days ago. We are still buying them at below the normal distributor price to dealers though until the stock runs out.

    The new importer, Arsenal has already raised wholesale prices.
    What would a NIB Saiga 12 cost, what would mods cost like the cleanup changes you offer?

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