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    Oh boy. This is what I get for making sure I spend my money wisely. While cruising you tube and websites making sure I'm going to like and keep this gun, I discover the .308 Saiga rifle. Now I don't know which one I want first.
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  3. I'll make you a price on both if you like :)

    Here is a link to one we have done for several people.

    Saiga .308 308 21.8" barrel RAA LNIB Custom Mod : Semi-auto at

    The .308 is a heavy gun and an accurate shooter as AK's go. At least this one with a 21.8" barrel.
    One of my clients who bought the one in the link said it was the first time he thought he got his money's worth in a gun.
    Now he tells me that he is sending me his Saiga 12ga. for us to work our magic on it.

    Send me an Email @ [email protected] and I'll send you some pics of Saigas that we have converted.

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    Damn. I think I drooled on my keyboard. We're going to need a Gun Porn section here soon. Thanks, but I'm grasping at straws here to buy ONE. I had $1,100 tucked away for an AR, and then while assachusetts was taking FOUR MONTHS to renew my permit so I could buy it, the wife decided we needed a new furnace more than another gun. Priorities all screwed up. I could have kept patching that old boiler ANOTHER 10 years easily.

    Reading their forums, am I right that the 308's require a lot more mods, upkeep, and preventative maintenance than the 12 Ga? Seems like these are complicated animals with the import restrictions and corrections, especially in assachusetts and Mexifornia.

    Which is best "out of the box"? I think these guns are going to put a hurting on the AR market as they catch on more, especially if the prices remain in place.
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  5. Actually the .308 needs fewer mods to make it a great gun.
    Just moving the FCG forward and adding a PG. A new stock and fore grip can always be added later.

    The 12ga. is however more fun in my opinion for "just blowing things up".
    Also it benifits more from the polishing and spring change routine than the 308. And everyone who fires the Saiga 12 ga. after it's been worked on, will want one. Gun envy sets in.

    Out of the box the .308 will work great. The 12ga out of the box will be pickier about the ammo it shoots.

    I started with a 12ga for myself, then I converted it, than I bought a 7.62x39 and converted that, then a .308. then another 12 ga.
    But I have to say I like my 7.62x39 more than my Armalite AR-or any other AR I've owned.

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    Say hello to my leetle friends.

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    Everything I have been hearing about these is that they will be added to the ban list come tomorrow, 24 Jan 11 and they are completely sold out with in a 100 mile radius of me...I got one of the last ones....

    So I don't know if I want to shoot mine and keep it as a toy, or just leave it alone and not fire it and use it as an investment piece and sell it for $$$$$ in a few years....

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    I have one and getting ready to buy another.

    "Saiga-12 Shotgun w/JPoint Reflex Sighting System, Tactical Quad Rail System + Rail Guard, Tactical Collapsing Stock"

    It works great...
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    Quote Originally Posted by B2Tall View Post
    Anyone here own a Saiga shotgun??

    Opinions? Impressions?

    For a while now I've toyed with the idea of getting one for recreational purposes...wreaking havoc on inanimate objects, killing rabid watermelons, etc.
    Of all that I own, it's the only one that required a name, but not on purpose. It just came out of my mouth as I got to know her for the first time. Without warning, "What a Mean Russian B*tch!" just came out of my mouth, and it stuck.

    Out of the box, broke it all the way down, cleaned it, put a rail attachment and a 2 MOA Barska red dot sight, and a US copy of the Russian bird cage.. No recoil pad.

    Dead on balls accurate at 100 yards with Winchester 1 oz. rifled slug 15 round packs from Wally's. After sight adjustments... Took six 2" black bulls eye sticky's on six sheets of 8x11 white paper at 100. Erases the black, leaves all the white. The red dot made it surgical.

    The heavy weight and semi-auto action absorb a lot of recoil, but I'll still add a rubber just to cover the hard plastic.

    Not enough rounds through to test reliability, but it's a "go to war" tool and I expect it to be reliable.

    Not a home defense SG... no CQB abilities at all. It's like swinging a sledge hammer around your house.

    $583 including tax, AK style side rail mount $35, Barska 2 MOA red dot $75. US copy of the Russian 3" bird cage $35.

    Will not fit in a 42" hard case with the bird cage.

    She's a keeper for me. But I may change her name to Natasha because it's a family range. Good luck!

  10. Pussycat

    These guns have been the most fun of all my guns and you're right--they do require a name.
    Mostly because if not treated right they can be tempermental.

    All mine have been converted by my company and myself since we do it for a living and they are entirely different guns once done.
    Added a 4th port, reworked the FCG as well as the bolt and carrier along with the extractor and the gun has become a dream, Eats anything, low brass, high brass, slugs.
    Almost a pussycat and the tempermental-ness all gone.

    We have 30 in stock if anyone is interested. There is nothing quite like firing a 12ga. as fast as you can humanly pull the trigger.

    I'll try to get some pics up here soon.

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    I bought mine when they first started to be imported. I found it to be slow to change mags and very unwieldy. My Ithaca 37 loaded with 8 rounds is much faster and more easily manipulated. The butt is too small and narrow also.
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