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    They Call It A Pistol

    It's a Draco "pistol" imported from Romania by Century International. There's no way this could be properly shot one-handed so I'm putting this in the "Long Gun" section

    I added a Tapco muzzle break, Midwest foregrip/rail, Hogue grip (awesome! 5-star) along with a red-dot and light/laser combo. I think this is going to be my new "house gun", replacing my HK45 in that capacity. More on that later.

    Took it to the range for the first time today. Loud, huge muzzle flash, and attracts a lot of attention. Had a lot of people asking about it and wanting to hold it (I obliged all who asked). The muzzle break made it quite controllable. I've got the iron sights and the red-dot dialed in nicely at 50yds and I bore-sighted the laser for 25ft.

    Shot 140 rounds of Wolf steel case. Had 2 FTFs that were easily remedied with a quick pull of the charging handle. My research told me that 200-300 rounds is a typical break-in period for this weapon and that minor FTFs and FTEs are fairly common during that period. I was using the 30rnd mag that came with the gun. Next time I'll bring the proven mags I use with my Norinco AK just to see if it was a weak mag spring that caused the FTFs.

    Definitely a fun gun to shoot. With the exception of the FTFs everything operated smoothly. The parts look good although the gun's exterior definitely had a bit of that "used" look that so many imported AKs have. All the internal components were free of any wear & tear.

    The controllability, mag capacity (30), short range accuracy, and power of the rounds has convinced me to make this the gun that will sit next to my bed at night. I bought frangible 7.62 bullets (not cartridges) online. Although I don't load my own I have a friend who does and he's going to hook me up. Until then I'll use SP ammo as a defensive round. My house is CBC construction as are all the homes in my neighborhood (Fla code) so I have little fear of wreaking havoc with my neighbors if I ever have to discharge the gun in my home.

    Contrary to popular belief, the 7.62x39 FMJ will not go through an engine block. Fired from a full size rifle, this round WILL penetrate a cinderblock (i.e. the exterior wall of my house) but has very little energy after doing so. I've seen numerous test results using FMJ that show this and I plan on doing my own testing in the near future. The short (12") barrel on the Draco results in a velocity loss of almost 20%, down to about 1900-2000fps, making this weapon even more viable as a home defense gun. The frangible ammo won't even come close to leaving my house unless it hits a window, nor will the soft-point.

    Anyway, I'm happy thus far with it, and it means my HK45 will be available for CC now that it doesn't have that bulky tac light/laser on it anymore

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