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    Been looking for a 7.62x39 rifle for two purposes. First just to have fun at the range and secondly since moving to deep south for a hog rifle. I have tentitively after considering CZ, Ruger Mini 30, IEA M60 AK, and Czech Point , decided on the Czech Point VZ 58 Military. I have two questions prior to the purchase.

    1 . Will the double stack 10 round mags to be used for hunting hog, work in the 30 round mag model. Slightly more compact with less to hang up going in the field in my mind but may not be of concern or a deciding factor.

    2. Ejection: I am left handed. Will this present a problem.

    Thanks before hand for any input.

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    There's a Guy on gunrightsmedia.org (Oleg Volk's new forum) named Armoredman who is a CZ fanatic he can answer all your questions
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