H.R. 1923 (Gingrey): The Fairness in Firearms Testing Act
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Thread: H.R. 1923 (Gingrey): The Fairness in Firearms Testing Act

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    Exclamation H.R. 1923 (Gingrey): The Fairness in Firearms Testing Act

    H.R. 1923 (Gingrey): The Fairness in Firearms Testing Act bill will require that an unedited video be recorded during the testing of a firearm to determine if it is a machine gun. Getting guns to malfunction is a favorite technique of the BATFE as it gives them a great opportunity to rack up convictions on the possession or selling of “machine guns,” which requires a special type of license. David Olofson is one of the most recent victims of BATFE abuse. Olofson’s AR-15 malfunctioned at a range when it fired a multiple round burst with a single trigger pull before jamming. But the BATFE could only replicate the malfunction after experimenting, behind closed doors, with different types of ammo. They labeled the firearm a machine gun and, as a result, Olofson was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison. A law such as H.R. 1923 would demonstrate to jurors the extent to which the BATFE is capable and willing to trample the rights of citizens in their frenzy to put innocent gun owners behind bars.

    If you have such an occurence you might want to get it fixed ASAP. Keep in mind that the guy in this story is now a felon and will never be able to own another gun in his life.

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    Back durring the Clinton Administration, when she was First Lady instead of Secretary of State, an ATF agent bragged to a reporter that he had gotten three convictions off of SKS trigger malfunctions. This type of garbage is nothing new.

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