Purchasing an AK reciever
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Thread: Purchasing an AK reciever

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    Purchasing an AK reciever

    Hello all,

    I hope that someone can give me a little clarity on a couple of things, as I had no idea that I could be this clueless (or just plain confused) to apparent laws. Just for kicks, and the challenge of assembling a rifle, I figured that I would purchase an AK kit and assemble it myself. If nothing more than to say that I did it, and to have a new (inexpensive) toy to plink with. My problem is that I can find several websites which sell US made recievers but they need to be shipped to a FFL. And I understand that the law is the law and plan to abide by it. With that said what, if any is the normal "handling fee" for a direct shipment to my local FFL? Where I am located I have at least 5 within a 15 mile radius but none that I know personally and I am unsure what the protocal is for a company to ship "my" order to them. Do I just call them up and say "hey I would like a reciver shipped to you, what'da ya charge"? Obviously they deserve some $$ just for the paperwork hastle but how does a transaction like this normally play out? I am a CPL holder in my state so there shouldn't be any issue after the reciever is delivered to the FFL holder. If anyone has had experience with this and could give me some insight I would greatly appreciate your direction in this matter.

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    Most gun dealers charge $25+ to have something shipped to them. Call 'em up and ask. The only reason they might say "no" is because they'd rather get one themselves and sell it to you. You still have to fill out the usual paperwork and pass a background check. It's usually no big deal.
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    Actually, yes, that's exactly what you do, you call the place and ask them straight up what they would want for that. It may seem like an awkward question to you but it's perfectly normal for them.

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