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    Well I sold the High Power and pulled a couple hundred together to go with it and bought a CZ VZ58 Tactical Sporter. My plans for this rifle are pretty basic.
    Live with it as is for a bit and get some range time to get to know her.

    I have a single lense reflex sight from my pistol shooting days as well as a ProPoint 5 tube sight that may some day make its way on top of a Scout OPtic rail mount.

    I like the clean smooth lines of this rifles sythetic stock so I am not really interested in Combat upper and lower hand protectors with integrated rails.
    I just don't see my self with this rifle in a full blown combat configuration. Some I have seen are no doubt cool but just not for me.

    I will at once purchase a 10 round mag and some stripper clips for hog hunting.
    She will be known as Shooters Pig Pounder at a forum that deals with smoking and BBQ of which I am a long time member. I will also be purchasing a decent rifle case to protect my investment. Pics Link below:

    Czechpoint - Product - vz. 58 Rifles - Sa vz. 58 Hi-Cap Sporter

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    I like the list of US parts that was given on the link. The most important parts (IMO) are still of Czech origin.
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    The hardware is the same, but the software is vastly different.

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