Ok so I have a model 512 made in 1951 or 1929 but pretty sure '51 (according to letter code on barrel) either way this rifle is not a valuable collectible piece but more of a sentimental piece.

Now the issue, when I go to fire it every now and than (every GREAT now and then) the bolt comes all the way as if the trigger is still pulled while chambering a new round and a catch in the action stands up and has to be pushed down while reinserting the bolt. The rifle has never mis-fired on me but has had MANY MANY rounds through it. I'm having a hard time finding a reputable gun smith in my local area (warner robins, ga) I am good with tools and diagrams and have worked on some of my others guns before as long as I have a detailed breakdown. Does anyone have experience with this or suggestions on which way to start? I have been looking all over the net but cant find what I am looking for as far as detailed exploded view breakdown. A good reputable gun smith some what near me or further information would be greatly appreciated.