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    M1A1 carbine questions

    I don't post here often, mostly just enjoy reading the threads, but I have a question that I am hoping for some help on.

    I may have the opportunity to pick up an M1A1 .30 carbine. This is the paratropper version with the folding wire stock, detachable magaze, pistol grip ect. From what I can gather via the web this is a semi only rifle. I know that the A2 and A3 versions were select fire but not 100% sure that all A1's were.

    At this point i have only seen a couple of pictures but hopetoactually handle it very soon and if all goes well maybe even become it's new owner.

    So the questions I have are 1)Is this a semi only or is it selectfire? (i know hard to say without pics right) 2) this gun was apparently brought home from WWII by a GI so is it even legal to own/possess it? 3) What would it's fairmarket value be? 4) Can modern .30 carbine ammo be used or should it only be WWII era ammo or reloads as with M1's in .30-06 5) Any other thoughts or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi, I have an M1 Carbine (not the A1 though) and have done quite a bit of research on them
    1) M1s are all semi-auto, even the A1s. M2s are select fire. You'll be able to tell because the selector switch on the M2 is on the top left of the barrel, near the chamber. If there's no switch on top then it's semi-auto only.
    2) (Preface: I am not a lawyer) It may depend on state law, but federally they aren't restricted, to my knowledge
    3) Wood stocked M1s seem to go for 700+, that I've seen, and M1A1 are more. Depending on condition, matching serials, manufacturer, etc it could be quite a bit more.
    4) Might want to get it checked by an armorer, but new ammo should be ok because the loads are still 110 gr. I've put new rounds through mine without problems but the condition of your rifle will determine it's worthyness for use.
    5) Have fun! It's a great rifle. If you're thinking about hunting with it you'll want to check your local laws. I know they aren't legal for big game (deer, etc) here in Nebraska, but I've heard they're legal for it Texas.
    Best of luck, and let us know how it goes.

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    The one I have is semi auto only. I use 30 carbine ammo from cabela's nothing special.

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    The .30 Carbine round is basically a pistol round, modern ammo should be fine assuming the rifle was taken care of. When in doubt get the gun checked over by a gunsmith.

    You can also look in the Automag III, a pistol that chambered the .30 Carbine.

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    Hello there d-buck,

    I own a few M1 Carbines, all GI issue, and can point you in the right direction re: all things USGI M1 carbines and rifles. There are a number of good sources but here is the best place to start.

    Go to ===> odcmp.com

    (1) All M1 carbines and rifles are semi auto.
    (2) The M1 carbine is pretty much acceptable in most states but the standard GI 15 and 30 round magazines are severely restricted or verboten in several juristictions, California being one. Ten round magazines are commonly available. As for the GI bringing it home in his duffle ----common story, uncommon event. Buy the gun, not the story.
    (3) Fair market value for a genuine Service Grade M1A1 ==> $1600 - $1800, could be more than $2000. Check out the auction at the CMP they constantly have a few A1's gathering bids. The money is in that wire stock if it's genuine USGI. Wooden stock carbines about half that.
    (4) That carbine is a robust little weapon that will handle any .30 cal carbine you wish to run through it, but many prefer to avoid steel case cartridges due to concern about wear to the extractor.

    Visit odcmp.com -- go to the sales section -- find rifle sales and choose M1 Carbine. There you will find instructions to take down, service, lube, reassemble, sight in -- and more. Then visit the forum. There is much info there.

    The M1 carbine is a great gun to shoot and has quite an impressive history. Be aware of what you are buying. Eleven different companies built carbines for the war effort and all parts are interchangeable between all carbines.
    (1) Inland (division of GM)
    (2) Underwood (typewriters)
    (3) Winchester
    (4) Quality Hardware
    (5) Standard Products
    (6) National Postal Meter
    (7) IBM
    (8) Saginaw SG
    (9) Saginaw S'G' (Grand Rapids)
    (10) Rockola (Juke Boxes)
    (11) Irwin Pederson
    If any name other than one of these is on the gun it AIN"T USGI. There is quite a bit of interest in these USGI Carbines and prices for some examples have doubled ( some more ) in just the past 2 or 3 years.

    Sorry I'm so late to the party - long time between visits and don't post much anyway. I do hope this has been of some help.

    Regards - Al

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    Azimuth - Thanx for the link to odcmp.com Some helpful information for sure.. It also led to to SurplusRifle Forum which has a Carbine section..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
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