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    Red dot recommend?

    I own a Kel Tec SU-16 w/folding stock that I got a great deal on a while back, and need a recommend for a scope. I no longer hunt and will mainly use the gun for plinking at the range or in case something goes real bad at our home and I find myself needing the use of a long gun. I don't know squat about red dot scopes,other then most are too expensive. Since the gun won't be used very often,battery life is a concern. I need a fairly simple site once set,I can forget about it. It also must be weather resistant,our weather here in AK is tough on scopes. Since it folds up and fits in a duffel bag,it makes a great camp gun when we fly out fishing or ATVing. So the site will have to take some abuse without having to re site every time we go play. I won't be able to get my wife to go plinking with it because of the kick(I know), So if it has a nice red dot or cross hair,she could fire and hit something if ever needed. Don't really want to spend big bucks on it and don't need SWAT quality,or feel the need to impress people with it. I tried a $65 BSA and it wasn't worth the box it was shipped in. Is it possible to find a red dot for a couple hundred bucks and be worth a hoot?

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    I have had good luck with Truglo red dot sights. I would recommend getting a 2X model.

    Do you have the SU-16C model? How do you like it?

    Good luck.

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    I do have the C model. I really haven't run many rounds through it yet. I do like that its lightweight and doesn't have a hard kick for its weight-size. Not too fond of the sites.

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