Remington or Ruger?
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Thread: Remington or Ruger?

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    Remington or Ruger?

    Remington or Ruger?

    Given the choice between the Remington 700 and the Ruger M77, which one would you choose, and why?

    This is for a bolt action hunting rifle in .308 Win.

  3. Remington 700. I have the 700 VTR with 22" barrel and muzzle brake. It's a great rifle....

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    Another vote for Remington. I had both, just gave my son the M77 cause I can't part with the 700
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    Gotta say Remmington also SPS700 30-06 had a M77 older model it was A good gun but the Remm out shoots it !

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    Remington 700, it's such a great rifle!

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  8. Agree with Fudo. I have a Savage Model 10FP in .308 Win. It shoots great. Sub-Quarter size groups at 100yds. Haven't tried further but know guys that have shot it at 300-500 yds and it is amazing . Also a few I know use it for hunting as well and love it

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