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    Kel Tec SU 16B

    I noticed 2 things about that model: Gets very hot very quickly and I keep finding tiny brass shavings inside the receiver. Any ideas?

  3. First, what kind of ammo are you using? Have you experienced any malfunctions?

    I would try taking a round and coloring it with a Sharpie, completely. Then, load it in a magazine, load into the rifle and fire it. Preferably catch it on a towel/blanket. Look at the case and see if/where brass has been shaved off. I would do several to try and find a pattern.

    If it is a new gun it could just be a sharp edge on the bolt face, extractor or ejector.

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    I mostly use PMC Bronze and whatever affordable factory brass 223 or 5.56 I can find. I have not noticed any brand to be more prone to it. I have had maybe 2 or 3 jams in the couple of hundred rounds I have fired so far.

  5. Ok, try the test and let us know. Also, be sure your specific SU16 is marked 5.56 and not .223 before firing the hotter 5.56 rounds. I *THINK* they are all proofed for 5.56 no matter what they're marked but I would double check with Keltec if yours is marked .223.

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    Mine is clearly marked 5.56 so that's not an issue but I appreciate the hint!

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