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    zeroing scope

    I have a Leapers 4-14x50 mounted with Leupold rings on a Savage Axis/Edge 308.

    I had the scope mounted and bore sighted at Bass Pro for free.

    I turned the elevation from stop to stop and counted total turns - got about 5.5 turns (turn = one complete turn of the turret). Then left it in the middle, leaving me with about 2.75 turns in either direction.

    At the range at 50 yards, I found it was 6 inches low. I had to go up about a 1.5 turns. That leaves me with only about a 1.25 turns for elevation.

    When I moved to the 100 yard range, I couldn't find the holes. It should have dropped about 2 inches more at that distance. I was windy that day.

    So I have two concerns
    1) I don't have enough elevation up to go much further - with 60 clicks per turn and 1/4 inch per click I only have about 15 inches of elevation - that's only going to take me out to 200 or 300 yards. It seems that when zeroed the scope should have more click for up than down. Is there a shim or something that I can add to the mount to raise the scope?

    2) what was happening to the bullets at 100 yards - was the wind blowing them all over the place. The target was almost totally random hits with no pattern.

    tips on zeroing would be helpful.

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    I suspect something is wrong with your scope. To move up 6 inches at 50 yd you should use about 50 clicks, not 1.5 turns. The impacts should not have been off the paper at 100 yds. Get a large sheet of paper for behind the target then you can see where the bullet hits. Have someone experienced look at your scope setup and operation. I would say in general that you do not always get the sharpest tack in the box working at the large stores or chains.

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    There's a few things you can do to easily zero your scope. Go back to the 50 yd range now you can boresite it yourself. With the gun on sandbags remove the bolt and sight down the barrel take your time to center the target in the center of your sight picture. Now adjust the crosshairs to the center of the target without moving the gun. I guarantee this will put you on paper at 100yds. Now take 3 shots at 100 yd. Take your time use sandbags or another steady rest you want the best group you can. Now prop your gun up so the crosshairs are on your original point of aim. Now DONT LET YOUR GUN MOVE and adjust your crosshairs to the center of your group. Now take a couple shots to verify zero and your done. Good luck and happy shooting

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    Re-check your mounts. A loose mount will help you waste all your ammo.
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    You need to mount that glass a bit higher to make up for the loss in zero at that range. It's pretty simple really.
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    Would not waste my time with a Lepers. Have had two that wandered all over the place. One was on a 223 bull barrel so the recoil was not that much. Would take it back and trade it right now. IMO, they are not dependable

  8. Dum okie got it right. I usually only take one good shot at bulls eye, then clamp in a padded shooting vise with crosshairs on bulls eye. Then adjust crosshairs until right on my orignal bullet hole. Then fine tune at 100yds.

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