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Thread: Too much time in the forums

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    Too much time in the forums

    Be cool and eat fruit!

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    OK, that is funny. It brings to light that some people can get to wrapped up. Sometimes you have to just say no. Good video.

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    Does it come with an IWB holster?

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    Come on guys, this exactly the minimum of firepower that you will need to combat the combined MS13 and Al Qaeda group (10+ BGs) with hostages that you should expect to encounter in the WALMART combat zone. Anything less than this is not real SD. Woosies that don't have this kind of EDC should just leave their "Girly Guns" at home and die like the Socialist, Democratic ,Obama loving, Sarah Palin dissing, Devil Worshipping sheep they are.

    Now, that is way too much time in the forums.

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    That is not a rifle it is a crew served weapon.

    Seriously, that guy is funny as hell.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

  7. I am glad he included tactical treats but am sadden by the lack of the spork.

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    What a douche... lmao.
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    [*]Don't be afraid to use sarcasm, mockery and humiliation. They don't respect you. There's no need to pretend you respect them.
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  9. A real fruitcake!!

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