.338 Lapua Interest.
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Thread: .338 Lapua Interest.

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    .338 Lapua Interest.

    Need some honest, Intelligent input.I've taken a strong interest in the.338 Lapua Caliber,After doing Research on this Round I think, I have narrowed my results down to.
    #1- Van Dyke Rifle Designs M-24 SuperMagnum
    #2- Sako TRG-42
    #3- McMillan Tactical TAC.338
    Does anyone here own, or have shot any of these Weapons Systems?
    I'm trying to gather as much Intell I can before I begin the Process of Purchasing one of these Weapons Systems.

    This will be an Great Expense for me, Especially with 4 kids to support.So maybe all of you can Understand why I seek as much Information before,I Commit to purchasing one of these Weapons Systems.

    Or, do any of you have other Suggestions on a different Weapon System, That will be of good Quaility, and won't Break my Bank Account.

    I look forward to some good Feedback from all of you.Also, keep in mind I have not shot the.338 Lapua yet all my Intell is only from what I've read.Thanks Again

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    .338 Lapua

    I have no experience with any of those particular rifles, but I do own a 338 lap savage 110 BA. Great rifle.
    One question I do have, and I mean no disrespect, but I hope this isn't your first jump into long range work. If it is, then a 308 or 300 win mag would be a much better choice. To really enjoy a 338, you need the ability to air it out, and to with stand fairly punishing recoil. I have an AR 50, and between my friends and I, we are all convinced the recoil is a touch worse with the Lapua. I haven't even talked about the price of firing this rifle. $$$
    All this aside I would recommend the BA, I haven't had a chance to shoot it any farther than 1200 m, but this rifle will out shoot me any day of the week.

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    No, I dont Consider your Reply dis-respctful in any way shape or form. Especially when it pretains to Long Range Weapon Systems. I appreciate your honesty on the Subject. And to answer your Concerns No this is not my first Long Range Weapon System.

    I currently own, the Blaser Tactical 2 in .300 Win Mag, the Kimber Montana in 7mm-08 Rem,&Weatherby Vanguard in .300Wby Mag.

    I dont know what excatly drew me into the.338 Lapua, After reading much Material on Ballistic Data and seeing the weapon in action on the Military Channel I deceided it was time to make the Leap.

    I currently shoot for the DCM (Department of Civilian Marksmen) Which is Military Weapons only mainly the M1 Garand the reason I didnt make my Inquiries within the group from the DCM Shooters is because, with them everything is a Competetion I want to Avoid that whole seen.

    I do however appreciate your Input and I will continue my Quest for Knowledge before I Commit to Purchase.

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