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    price check

    I have a question. I have a gun that I would like to find out what it would fetch if I WOULD sell it. I am not trying to actually sell it here so don't yell at me.

    It's a Winchester 94 that I got in 99, 357mag, 16 inch compact. Not NIB but only about 300 rounds at the most and with the original box and purchase receipt. Everything in very good shape, a few miniscule nicks in the buttstock.

    What do you think? I heard they went up in price a lot after they stopped making them?

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    My suggestion - go to and, do a search for that make and model, and see where the prices are sitting.

    Then - knock off 10 - 20% from that for what you can reasonably expect from a private party sale. Knock off 20 - 40% for a sale to a gun dealer.
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  4. If there is gun show in your area anytime soon take it there and ask around. You'll get varying answers but would be get good idea and might even be able to sell it.

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