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  1. I have a Bushmaster A2 5.56 and love it. Bought some after market things for it but besides that its never failed me. I don't put on all that "go-go-gadget" military/police/swat stuff on it like most. Simple factory iron sights and a sling and I'm happy.

  3. Rock River Arms or Stag if you're looking to buy a complete rifle.

  4. Thanks I'm left handed so that info will come in good for a south paw model.

  5. What about the Ruger SR 556, is it worth the money.

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    Like others on this thread I like my s&w m&p 15. Just remember if you get a 5.56 stamped barrel you can do both 5.56 and .223. If you get a barrel stamped .223, only shoot .223

  7. Ar 15

    Go with the COLT PREBAN SP1 CARBINE, can't miss with this one IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricesdepot:210386
    . I would stick with a major brand. DPMS, S&W and Bushmaster are a good bang for the buck. Also should you have a problem or want to upgrade the internet is full of parts for them.
    I agree with this guy. I would only add that DPMS has slimmed down packages that you can pick up for around $700. So for a good price you're still getting a proven, quality, major brand name weapon system. At my local shop you can take home the 5.56 Sportical for right at $700. Remember you get what you pay for. So it would be worth saving up the extra scratch. I have and love my S&W M&P 15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricnGa:210434
    What about the Ruger SR 556, is it worth the money.
    Ruger just came out with the SR 556E. Its they're version of an optics ready slimmed down package. All the important stuff is still there just not some of the bells and whistles and its less exspensive. If i were to get an SR 556, the 556E version is what I would get.

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    I bought the Colt LE6920 a couple of weeks ago. 1. because it's a Colt which is IMO second only to Armalite, and 2. the price was very close to the DPMS, Bush, Stag, etc etc group, actually they all are pretty good
    My only comment about which one to get is be sure to get one rated for 5.56 not just .223

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    Not mention in the OP was what the intent for the weapon is.
    The introduction of the piston operated, both long stroke and short stroke systems have definitely change the rules for the AR platform. The gas impingement's dirty operating method has been eliminated and has greatly improved the reliability of the AR. However the piston systems have created a wide gap between the cost of the 2 systems.

    If the AR is used for plinking and target range operation and will be cleaned after every use, then A low cost impingement system would be okay.

    If you're going into the field and exposing the AR to the elements and don't plan on putting a lot of maintenance it the weapon, then I'd say a piston operated system is in order. (Use it, throw it in the truck, forget it until the next time you need it).

    Just about every make of the AR platform makes a 'lefty' but you will need to shop around.

    The marvel of the AR is that the lower is the only FFL part of the system. I would suggest you put most of your starting effort into choosing the correct lower for your needs and then go looking for the upper. THere are so many aspects to be considered when choosing a lower. Fixed stock, collapsable stock, forged, billett, standard or flaired well and the list goes on, and on and... well you get the idea.

    Personally, I started with a fixed position Rock River lower and built my own custom upper. I did a lot of research, handeled a lot of uppers at shows and finally though 'why not build my own?' I invested in the fixtures and specialty tools and did it my self. Learned a lot in the process too!

    Good luck with it EricnGA!

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