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  1. I have Rock River and DPMS and they both function flawlessly. One is a 18"bull and one a 20"heavy. I hear good things about the M&P but have not fired one, buddy of mine loves his. Trigger was a little rouge but had it worked and now he's good to go. Check out Shotgun News and also [url=]. If you are in the NE GA area let me know and I have a buddy that owns a shop and he might can help you out. Good luck!

  3. Reaffirming: Not all AR's are created equal.

    Could not have been said any better!

    The best way to go about an AR purchase that I've found over the years is this.
    Decide what the purpose of the rifle is.
    Decide an appropriate barrel length.
    Decide on a suitable barrel twist.
    Decide on a suitable barrel weight (sporting, medium, heavy target).
    Decide on a receiver and gas block type (A1, A2, flat top, etc).
    Find manufacturers that have products fitting those categories and way costs vs quality vs options.

    Please know that factory collapsible stocks are a dime a dozen. Some will put on the cheapest stocks they can knowing that you'll likely buy aftermarket anyway. But, there are some that will give you upgrade options when ordering and Magpul tends to come up quite a bit.

    AR's are like 1911's. Once the modding starts it's difficult for it to stop. If you're a Left handed rifle shooter there's only one product to research: Stag. Otherwise you'll be faced with a wide array of manufacturers and quality levels. As usual, it's best if you can inspect the rifle before purchasing it. Receiver wobble is common, but when you find the one that has none and maintains other tolerances it's likely to be the better of products.

    I had one from these guys recently, but it appears as though they're not doing complete rifles any longer. Ultra tight tolerances, 1 in 7 twist barrel, and it shot wonderfully.

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    I have a S&W M&P15. Very accurate, and very reliable. You can get the Sport variant for around $600 right now.

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    I have Smith&Wesson Mp15 works flawlessly.. I love this gun!!!

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