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  1. Ar 15

    I'm looking to purchase an AR 15. I know I want it in .223/5.56. Anyone have any advice on a particular name brand and model? Been looking online and did not realize there were so many makers. Any advice is welcome.

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    You can spend 600$ on this or, well, insert any amount here.

    How about this at ITEM # RPG-AR-FT........$649.95

    Looks like a good starter gun.

  4. Yea most of what I've looked are about $900 or more depending on accessories and name brand.

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    My personal preference is Armalite but they can be a bit pricey (for a reason). I would stick with a major brand. DPMS, S&W and Bushmaster are a good bang for the buck. Also should you have a problem or want to upgrade the internet is full of parts for them.

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    Like most things in life you get what you pay for, not all AR's are created equal - IMO the best bag for the buck AR is the M&P 15 MOE

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  7. Rock river arms entry tactical.

  8. I have a Stag Arms... Main reason is they make a lefty version. But I've found that its an outstanding rifle.
    Spike tactical makes a nice one too.

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    Check this out ...

    Smith and Wesson M&P 15

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    Your answers are here

    This is home of the famious "The Chart"

    Read it.


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    I bought a Rock Entry Operator 2 w dominator rail and /an Eotech last year when they were on it. ...and they are on sale now for the same price $1,000. Rock River Arms: NEW! RRA LAR-15 Entry Operator2

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