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  1. 450 bushmaster

    Anyone have experience with thumper? Got mine about a month ago and find really accurate. Will start reloading as my brass builds up. Anyone have any good load data?

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    Not many Bushy 450 fans up in here I guess?
    I got a tack driving, hog busting bushy carbine I can't wait to try out on game this season. I put a Bushnell Elite Series 3X9 on it and its tearing ragged holes no bigger that 1.5 inches at 100 yards. With a better trigger this will be even better. Awesome caliber for the AR.

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    What 'cha huntin'?? Let me guess......anything really big!
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  5. I still haven't made up my mind between a .450 Bushmaster and a .458 SOCOM (looks like RRA still makes parts for them)...

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    I believe the .450 will continue to gain popularity and ammo is hopefully going to get more available as Remington and Hornady produce it now.
    I'm not experienced at reloading, but I'm told its a proprietary loading from the developer, Hornady. I'm told also that there is some loading data equivalents that produce close to factory velocities, etc.
    Accuracy with this .450 is very nice.
    .458 looks like a great caliber in a few factory load as well. It is a bit more rare and pricey, will do it all as well. Choices, choices.

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