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Thread: Best all-around hunting rifle?

  1. Either the .308 or the '06.

    It just depends on whether you want a long action or short.

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    Holy crap! Just hearing that story messed my pants a little! That had to have been an incredible rush of adrenline! What still scares me is a. 308 ricochet off his head! Cheese an Rice man!
    XD40FAN, I'll tell ya, I was surprised the jeans remained clean! We both had adrenaline shooting out of our ears...him because he thought he would die before he could chamber a round and me thinking I only had two rounds left! When I saw that round ricochet, I thought one of us was dead because I only had a head shot, unless he reared, and the only way to change it was to let him go by me...and attack my partner. I took the third shot out of hope...praise God my aim was true and the round was strong!
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